We need your help

Donation Funds

Help us in supporting the Myrtle Beach Police Department by giving a donation to one of our four funds. With your donation, we can help offer support to all factors that effect our police officers and their families. Donate to sustain the legacy & memory of our fallen officers with our Memorial Fund. Give back to our first responders for their heroism by donating to our 1st Responders Fund. Support our fluffiest task-force by donating to the MBPD’s K9 Unit. Or create a better future for the families of our officers by donating to our Scholarship Fund to help with educational assistant.

By donating to the Myrtle Beach Police Foundation, you can help make a difference in these hero’s lives. Help to support their families and offer direct relief to those who need it as they work to protect you. The Foundation is dedicated to supporting our officers through funding and/or fundraising for equipment, training, projects, scholarships, injured officers and families of our fallen officers. Working together can help to strengthen our partnerships and improve our community safety.